Fascist Missed History

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Fascist Missed History

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Adolph Hitler recruited a number of American leaders within the United States, and plotted to overthrow the United States government after he won the war in Europe.  Some of them met in Madison Square Garden in New York to celebrate their solidarity.

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Adolph Hitler planned to attack and destroy the city of New York as part of a massive attack on the United States, and landed spies on our shores to help prepare for the attack.

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Nazis conducted attacks against the U.S. along the East Coast of the United States, a fact that has largely been ignored by history.

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A group of fascist Wall Street millionaires plotted to overthrow the United States in 1933, and almost succeeded.

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A number of famous Americans provided aided Hitler and Nazi Party fascists during their rise, and were later absolved of guilt due to political pressure.

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