What Are We REALLY Talking About?

In reality, what seems like a series of unrelated news stories really center around one central issue: the value of human life. We debate this everyday, and the “answer” always seems to boil down to what race, sex, or economic class you happen to fall into. This is a far cry from the Constitutional idea that “all men are created equal”. Rather, it falls under the idea that “some men are more equal than others, especially if they’re men”.

And while, people warn against starting a “class warfare”, there has been one going for some time. Its just that its all been in one direction. Down the class ladder. Since the 1980s when Ronald Reagan assumed the office of the Presidency, there has been a one way battle against the middle and lower classes, to the point where most members of those classes have quietly and passively thrown up the white flag of surrender. Now, we are fighting among ourselves over the chicken scraps.