Law of the Jungle

How much of our passive participation in the current management, labor, and economic system contributes to the perpetuation of biased systems in the workplace, and the economy as a whole? Could we play a role in changing the current culture for the better?

Those of us on the lower rungs of the labor force may have the option of joining a union, networking with those of influence, or appealing to local authorities (in cases of abuse or illegal behavior), but the majority do not feel empowered to do so. There is another option. Work to change the culture from within

Ethics is a dirty word these days. Especially in the age of Trump, where some revel in their disrespect for authority, challenge the justice system and the courts to enforce the law or meet out punishment, even to the point of outright rebellion. But all of this is happening because, to some degree, little by little, we have given ground to the usurpers. In short, we have become passive in the defending of the rights our ancestors died to gain and to defend.

But, there is a tool that we have had all along, but we were hesitant to use. Its called shame. And while some feel that using such a subtle tool to combat a seemingly irresistible force, the reality is that we have lost any sense of shame in this society, and it is time that it be restored.

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