My Puzzle Piece Program

We each hold a piece of the puzzle, and some of our pieces are potentially much bigger than we think. To that end, we have formed the Ujnshackled “Puzzle Piece Program”, to highlight some of the work that is being done to improve respect for human life and dignity within our communities.

The rules are simple. Do something positive to enhance respect for human life and dignity within your community, or the world at large, and then submit a short 5 minute video showing what you did. A cell phone or web cam video will do, uploaded to You Tube, or your favorite Social Network (make sure its “Public”). We will view all submittals, and highlight a number of them on this site every month. Please also include a short paragraph summarizing your efforts.

That’s it. There is a form below to handle your submittals. If you have any questions, please submit them to And thanks for looking out and lifting up!

Feeling the Love

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