Our Puzzle Pieces – Working Together

The challenges facing our world today are daunting. For many of us, just getting from one day to the next seems enough of a triumph on its own. The COVID Pandemic has challenged those of us already working in the “service” fields like health care, emergency management, and security services. As a result, these fields are losing battle weary bodies, even as the virus is ramping up again for another round.

But just as the virus is an invisible enemy that we cannot see, the enemies of our minds and spirits are just as invisible. Discouragement. Despondency. These can be just as real as the financial and physical challenges that we face day to day. And while they are very real, courage of mind, body, and spirit can help us overcome them. But only, if we humble ourselves and pull together to do it.

I like to say that the allies lost World War II before they won it. The Nazis converged upon Western Europe, and within weeks, it folded like a house of cards. To the rational mind, the war was over. But there is something beyond rationality. Faith. Faith in God, and faith in our fellow citizen. Winston Churchill rallied the citizens of Britain, and convinced an unbelieving America that a war in Europe that had already in fact been lost, could be won. The result was a turnaround unprecedented in the annuls of history.

The war against Climate Change might be lost. The war against gun violence might be lost as well. The war against political tyranny and brain washing might be lost. But so was the war in Western Europe. But to those who keep their faith, that which has already been lost, can be won again.

And each one of us holds a piece to the puzzle as to how to do that.

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