Worth: Dehumanization and Made Subhuman

The dehumanization of the masses. When the Trump administration, along with Steve Atlas decided to publicly use the term “herd immunity” to advocate for re-opening businesses prior to a COVID-19 being readily available, they were effectively turning the masses of people into human test subjects.

The inhuman conditions of immigrant detention camps, where women and children were forced to sleep on the floor, have limited access to sanitary facilities has been masked by the very real need to determine the legality of their status in this country.

However, their status should have no bearing on whether they should be detained in inhuman conditions or not. Further, the possession of military style weapons like the AR-15, in the hands of civilians with no role in local, state, or national security, shows the further dehumanization of humans, by placing their health and safety below that of the wants and desires of gun collections with no genuine need for these weapons. No one needs an AR-15 to fell a deer in the woods.

No one needs an AR-15 to fell a deer in the woods. However, an AR-15 was used in the Stoneman Douglass High School shootings, which resulted in 17 deaths of young people in their prime.

The introductory segment “Between the Lines”, includes a portion of Emma Gonzalez’s passionate, heart felt speech memorializing the classmates she lost in the inhuman attack on the Stoneman Douglass High School.

Further yet, the trivialization of unchecked police killings of black young men and women, using the cloak of state sanctioned immunity exposed a further erosion of basic human compassion in this country.

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